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Sydney's Spiciest Hot Curry Challenge

Are you someone who loves spicy food and enjoys trying new flavors? Sydney is famous for its many different kinds of delicious food from all over the world. But if you're someone who loves spicy food, there's nothing quite like the excitement of eating a really hot and spicy curry at The Colonial British-Indian Cuisine.

The Colonial’s Hot Curry Challenge

The Colonial British Indian Restaurant comes with the Sydney's first-ever Hot Curry Challenge wherein it serves super-spicy curry at Balmain, Neutral Bay, and Darlinghurst. Try out your taste buds and see if you can handle the heat! Not only this, you get a chance to win great prizes that includes a $20 voucher and extras like editorial features and social media shoutouts to showcase your accomplishment. And to top it off, you'll enjoy a complimentary meal with your choice of beverage to soothe that hard-earned burning sensation.

Eligibility and Challenge Rules
  • All Australian residents who are 18 years or older are eligible for this challenge.

  • Each contestant will be served a standard main course-sized portion of our exclusive Hot (Chili and Spicy) Curry, prepared by The Colonial Restaurants.

  • During the challenge, contestants must remain seated for 20 minutes from the time it commences, and an additional 5 minutes after consuming the meal in full.

Spiciest hot curry challenge in Sydney

How the winners are determined?

Winners will be determined by eating the entire bowl of Hot Curry within 20 minutes and remaining seated for an extra 5 minutes after the challenge. Please note that the restaurant owners have full and final authority over all matters related to the challenge. Any decisions regarding the disqualification of contestants or winners are at the sole discretion of the owners of The Colonial British-Indian Cuisine. Contestants may be disqualified at any time and for any reason.

How to Register for Hot Curry Challenge?

  • Download the waiver application form

  • Read all the rules mentioned at the form.

  • Fill the form and sign the document, and carry it with you on the day of the challenge.

  • Now, fill the ‘Hot Curry Challenge Registration Form’ with your preferred date and time for the challenge.

  • Please note that this form is mandatory for all contestants of The Colonial Restaurant Hot Curry Challenge. Participation will not be permitted without the completion and signature of this form prior to the challenge day.

What are the Prizes for the Hot Curry Challenge?

The contestant who successfully consumes the entire bowl of Hot Curry within the allocated 20 minutes will receive the following:

  • Complimentary Hot Curry

  • A complimentary drink (choice of wine, beer, soft drink, juice, bottled water, or full cream milk) after the challenge ends and upon being declared the winner

  • The Colonial Restaurant Prize Pack, which includes a $20 voucher for the next visit, and editorial feature across The Colonial Restaurants' digital and print platforms, including social media. You can get exclusive bragging rights as the 'The Colonial Hot Curry Challenge Winner'.

By participating, all contestants consent to the use of their photos, videos, editorials, name, voice, likeness, and city/town/village for advertising or trade purposes. They agree to reasonably cooperate in any promotional efforts to promote or publicize The Colonial Hot Curry Challenge.


The Colonial's Hot Curry Challenge is not your usual dining experience. It's about testing your tolerance for spicy food and exploring the bold flavors of Indian cuisine. Undoubtedly, The Colonial British Indian Restaurant has brought something unique to Sydney. But it's not just about eating spicy food; it's about embracing the adventure and enjoying the rewards.

So, are you ready to take on the heat and explore Sydney's spiciest curry? 


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