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How we make our most popular traditional Butter Chicken?

Ah, butter chicken. Just the name is enough to make your mouth water, isn’t it? But do you also wonder what makes the Butter Chicken at The Colonial British Indian Cuisine a favourite of all Sydneysiders? Well, the cat’s out of the bag, or should we say, the chicken’s out of the butter? It’s all about tradition, passion, and a little bit of magic that goes a long way. Let’s have a figurative look into our kitchen and get step-by-step guide of how to make traditional butter chicken.

Complete steps to make traditional Indian Butter Chicken

Butter chicken, also called Murgh Makhani, started in Delhi and quickly became popular everywhere. It was made in the 1950s by Kundan Lal Gujral, who owned the 'Moti Mahal Deluxe' restaurant. He came up with the idea to use leftover Tandoori chicken by cooking it in a tasty tomato-based curry. This made the chicken juicy and flavorful, creating the delicious dish you enjoy today.

We know that Butter Chicken holds a special place in your hearts (...and stomachs). At The Colonial British Indian Cuisine in Sydney, we haven't just made another Butter Chicken; we’ve made something really special. Here's the secret recipe that turns basic ingredients into such a rich and traditional dish.

Step 1: 

To create our signature Butter Chicken, we begin with the finest quality chicken, carefully sourced and raised with utmost care. Each piece is then lovingly marinated in a blend of secret spices, creamy yogurt, and love.

marinated butter chicken

Step 2: 

Next up, it's time for the clay oven. We skewer the marinated chicken onto metal rods and place them inside our traditional clay oven. Slowly but surely, the heat works its magic, cooking the chicken to juicy perfection. Once done, we take them out and slice them into mouthwatering pieces.

butter chicken in clay oven

Step 3: 

A generous (yet accurate) amount of cream is then poured on the sliced chicken resting in the bowl. Then, it's time for our chef's special butter sauce, crafted from a closely guarded recipe passed down through generations. This sauce is the heart and soul of our Butter Chicken, infusing each bite with its irresistible aroma and taste. And let's not forget the spices—authentic Indian flavors that elevate the dish to new heights.

butter chicken recipe

Step 4: 

Last but certainly not least, it's time to bring it all together. We gently cook the chicken, cream, sauce, and spices over a medium flame, allowing them to mingle and meld into a symphony of flavors. The result? A dish that's more than just Butter Chicken.

restaurant-style traditional butter chicken


In conclusion, uncovering the secrets behind our famous Butter Chicken at The Colonial British Indian Cuisine wasn't easy. It's like solving a delicious puzzle wrapped in a creamy sauce. So, when you enjoy that last piece of chicken soaked in creamy, flavorful sauce, know that you're experiencing the best of a culinary adventure. Until next time, keep enjoying the delicious mysteries!

Make your reservations at The Colonial British Indian Cuisine, located at three prime locations (Balmain, Neutral Bay, and Darlinghurst) to enjoy the most delicious butter chicken in Sydney.


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