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How to pair hot curries & cocktails during winters?

Winters and hot curries are a match made in heaven, especially when paired with the right cocktail. Who on this planet doesn’t want to spice up those cold winter nights with an Indian spicy curry that is guaranteed to heat up the scene! Not sure what cocktail to pair it with? Don't worry! We've got some suggestions for you!

The Art of Matching Vindaloo and Spice Sutra

When the cold of winter bites, warming up your senses with a fiery Vindaloo paired with the bold Spice Sutra cocktail can bring out a unique taste profile. The strong flavours of the Vindaloo, with its hot spices and vinegar notes, is perfectly tempered by the refreshing spices in a Spice Sutra cocktail, making it an excellent pairing for frosty winter evenings.

Tequila Sunrise and Pink Lady to Pair with Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh, a Kashmiri curry bursting with rich, aromatic flavours, gets even more special when enjoyed with the classic combination of a Tequila Sunrise or a Pink Lady cocktail. These timeless drinks, with their strong flavours and refreshing touches, complement the spicy Indian dish perfectly, bringing a new twist to your winter evenings.

Pina Colada and Margarita- the Perfect Drink Match for Butter Chicken

This velvety, mild Indian curry pairs beautifully with bold cocktails - Pina Colada and Margarita. The richness of the Pina Colada and the tanginess of a Margarita both have the potential to block the heat of this most popular Indian curry, allowing its more delicate flavours to come to the forefront. The sweet and sour layers in these cocktails complement the creamy, tomato-based sauce of the Butter Chicken, enhancing each other to create a harmonious blend of flavors, perfect for a cozy winter comfort meal.

Railway Goat Curry Paired with Martini and Mojito

The robust flavours of Railway Goat Curry, with its bold and spicy notes, are wonderfully complemented by a classic Martini or a refreshing Mojito. The coolness of the Martini's gin or the lime and mint in the Mojito create a delightful contrast to the heat of the Indian goat curry, resulting in a fantastic fusion that will tantalize your taste buds.

The Best Cocktail Matches for Chicken Tikka Masala

While a cold pint of beer is a classic choice to accompany Chicken Tikka Masala, for a more refined experience, consider trying a tangy Margarita instead. The tartness of the tequila and lime complements the rich, creamy tomato flavors of the curry, creating a delightful balance that elevates the meal to a whole new level.

Enjoy British Fish Curry with a Cosmopolitan

British Fish Curry, with its mildly spicy and creamy sauce alongside flaky fish chunks, is an ideal match for a crisp and refreshing Cosmopolitan. The cocktail's effervescence and tart cranberry notes help balance out the richness of the curry, allowing the delicate flavors of the fish to stand out.

Pairing the Gin & Raspberry Kiss with Exotic SpICy Indian Curries

Opting for the "Spicy" spice level in our "Custom Curry" allows you to pair exotic Indian curries, rich with a symphony of complex spices, with the refreshing Gin & Raspberry Kiss cocktail. The gentle touch of gin and the tart sweetness of raspberries offer a delightful contrast to the heat of these curries, creating an exciting winter indulgence.


In conclusion, combining hot curries with cocktails during winter is about more than just pairing two dishes—it's about crafting a symphony of flavours that warms both body and soul. Winter is coming, and so are your curry and cocktail skills. No matter the curry or cocktail, remember, balance is key!

Here's to a season filled with spicy and spirited delight! Cheers!!


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