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The Colonial British Indian Cuisine is shaping Indian restaurants in Sydney with executive chef

When it comes to master Indian cooking classes, TV cooking shows for Indian food and leading two urban-popular Indian restaurants in Sydney; you can’t go past the talents and tastes of Padam Vyas, executive chef of The Colonial British Indian Cuisine restaurant group located across Sydney, Australia.

Chef Padam Vyas is a career driven master cook, leader and head chef focused on Indian cuisine and flavours derivative of period in history known as the British Raj. A time that gave rise to a rustic and robust fusion of eastern spices and western cuisine.

In 1980, chef Padam Vyas completed his hospitality with Oberoi’s schools of Hotel Management located in New Delhi. On completion, Padam launched his culinary career with Oberoi Inter-Continental Hotel and has since worked with Oberoi Flight catering across 16 international airlines, hotels and resorts. Chef Padam’s career maintained a steady rise after working with Gulf Air and Lufthansa airlines. Padam then went on to become the executive chef at the Park Hotel in New Delhi.

“I always loved watching mum prepare traditional Indian meals for the whole family. I’ve always been fascinated with cooking, even when I was just a little boy. Mum taught me so much growing up and my passion and flair for food has been built on these homegrown foundations”-Padam Vyas.

Padam migrated to Perth, Australia in 1990 and started his Australian-based culinary career with Hyatt Perth and an award-winning seafood restaurant in Western Australia under chef colleague Bruce Rolling from England before he moved to Sydney in 1996. In 1999 he worked with the Sydney Convection and Exhibition Centre Darling Harbour, Sydney, before moving to work with Qantas where he remained till 2009.

In 2011, Padam Vyas was invited to develop and create a master recipe and prepare the launch of Sydney’s first British-Indian restaurant by The Colonial British Indian Cuisine; a dining venue focused on the unique, bold and robust flavours of British Indian gastronomy.

Padam mentioned that after working with various management teams and within diverse environments, he found establishing the taste for true British Indian cuisine for the Western palate to be challenging, however, extremely rewarding when he managed to perfect the flavours of British Indian cookery.

“The launch of The Colonial British Indian Cuisine restaurant was a unique and satisfying challenge, understanding the real flavours of this period helped ensure every menu item we created delivered a little taste of history” - mentioned Padam Vyas

The Colonial British Indian Cuisine was formed in 2011 and very quickly won the votes of its local community and tourists. The focus of this delectable cuisine aspires to give diners a heart-warming moment in time; a cuisine that is perfectly balanced with spices and made with only the freshest local produce.

Image (left to right): Dolly Kaur (owner), Padam Vyas (chef) and Lord Pankaj Khandelwal (owner).

The first British Indian restaurant by The Colonial British Indian Cuisine opened its doors in a popular-foodie suburb in Sydney called Leichhardt. The popularity of this trendy Indian restaurant embarked on the journey of expansion; with a second restaurant opening its doors in Sydney’s inner-city suburb of Darlinghurst. Shortly after a new venue was selected and The Colonial British Indian Cuisine secured a new Indian restaurant in North Sydney’s suburb of Neutral Bay.

“Working with Padam and providing the right guidance has been an important and integral part of our growth. It has allowed us to capture a new and emerging market segment of British-Indian cuisine lovers. He’s talents have helped us achieve the right balance of flavours and create an Indian dinner menu that pleases the palette” - Lord Pankaj Khandelwal, owner of The Colonial British Indian Cuisine restaurants in Sydney.

British expats living in Sydney, tourists visiting Sydney and local Sydney residents surrounding these popular Indian restaurants made The Colonial British Indian Cuisine their preferred restaurant when it comes to delicious Indian curry, fresh baked naan and top-notch customer service.

The Colonial’s story continues after many years of operating Sydney’s best Indian restaurant venues. It’s time for you to discover the true authentic and unique flavours cooked by master chef Padam Vyas for The Colonial British Indian Cuisine restaurant group in Sydney. There’s plenty of choices on the menu suitable for various dietary needs, a well-matched wine and beer list and the service is warm, inviting and friendly.

Lord Pankaj Khandelwal stated- “Our restaurants, our people and our guests are equally important to us and an integral part of our business. We pride ourselves of delivering not only the delectable flavours of British Indian gastronomy, we strive to deliver an Indian restaurant experience like no other with a great emphasis on ensuring every customer is happy with our service and satisfied with their Indian dinner meal”

If you are searching for that perfect venue for your next dinner night, try The Colonial British Indian Cuisine located at 118 Crown Street, Darlinghurst or 19 Grosvenor Street, Neutral Bay.

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