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Exploring the Regional Variations of Butter Chicken

With the diaspora of South Asians, particularly Indias and Pakistanis, to other countries, the heritage of their culinary culture also migrated. The rich, flavourful and buttery curries of undivided Punjab when amalgamated with the modern grilling & marinating techniques, it created an outcome that was simply irresistible. Curries like Butter Chicken were so popular that they kept travelling across different regions of their home country, and got reformed according to the tastes and preferences of that particular region. Let’s discover some regional variations of Butter Chicken and learn the cultural influences of the dish that made it even more special.

Punjabi Butter Chicken- The Authentic One

As the founder of the butter chicken was a Punjabi cook, it is believed that the Punjabi version of the butter chicken is authentic. Born from the womb of Tandoori Chicken, Punjabi butter chicken is known for its rich, creamy, bold, and spicy flavours served hot with tandoori roti or Lachcha Parantha.

South Indian Butter Chicken: The Coconut Delight

The spices and the cooking techniques of North India are very different from South India, hence the taste and preferences. To suit the regional palate of its diverse region with a rich culinary culture, Butter Chicken here may feature a spicier and tangier taste with added flavours of popular regional ingredients like coconut milk, curry leaves, mustard seeds, and tamarind. South Indian Butter Chicken is often enjoyed with rice or roti.

Hyderabadi Butter Chicken: The Nawabi Murgh

The royal heritage and distinct flavours of Hyderabadi Butter Chicken make it a royal treat for every taste bud. The use of saffron, cardamom and rose water adds a unique flavour and aroma to the curry that makes it subtly sweet and spicy. Hyderabadi people love their version of butter chicken with butter naan and pulao rice.

Kolkata Butter Chicken: The Thicker One

The East Indian variation of the butter chicken is prepared with boneless chicken and is usually thicker and creamier than the others. The use of cashew or poppy seed paste in the curry adds richness and depth to its flavour and texture. Kolkata butter chicken is often served with rice or naan.

Goan Butter Chicken: The Coastal Bite

The chicken in the Goan Butter Chicken is usually shredded rather than cubed and is cooked in a thicker, creamier curry sauce. Ingredients like cashews, fenugreek, and coconut milk further add uniqueness to the dish. Goans and Mumbaikars love to enjoy their variation of butter chicken with pav- a type of bread.


At The Colonial Restaurant, you get the pleasure to enjoy the most authentic Butter Chicken that is sure to please your taste buds and leave you craving more. Mildly marinated chicken fillets are cooked in a clay oven and then prepared with a creamy tomato and cashew nut sauce. Our butter chicken is gluten-free, so it can be enjoyed by people with dietary restrictions as well.

Sounds yummlicious? Make your reservations to enjoy it with your loved one.


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