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Diwali Catering in Sydney: Where to Find Special Offers in Sydney

Diwali is a joyous Indian festival in Sydney that is celebrated with the same zeal and enthusiasm, especially by the Indian community residing in Harbour City. Families and friends unite to celebrate this grand festival with lightworks, firecrackers and delicious food. If you're in Sydney and want to make your Diwali celebration special, there are several great places with special offers for food & catering. Here we will help you find the best place in Sydney for special Diwali catering, and i.e. The Colonial Restaurants in Balmain, Neutral Bay, and Darlinghurst.

The Colonial British Indian Cuisine: Balmain, Neutral Bay, and Darlinghurst

The Colonial Restaurants is a group of renowned dining places to eat in Sydney. People love enjoying their entrées and curries that come with a perfect fusion of British-Indian Cuisine. The Colonial Restaurant is also well known for its exceptional Indian catering services in Sydney, offering a variety of Indian Catering Cups and canapes.

Everything turns festive when Diwali knocks on the door. The Colonial restaurants in Balmain, Neutral Bay, and Darlinghurst are great choices for celebrating Diwali with their special catering cups. Each catering box contains 20 hand-crafted individual entrée cups that come in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. You can simply choose the box of your choice or create your customised box out of 14 varieties of individual Indian catering selections.

But why should you choose these top-rated Indian catering cups for Diwali? Simple because festivals are meant to be celebrated with friends and family, and not to stay occupied in the hustle and bustle of other daily or festive chores. Order your corporate catering box at The Colonial and enjoy the delicious entrée cups to the fullest. What’s more? With every order, you get a Diwali sweet box absolutely Free!

How to order an online Diwali catering box in Sydney?

To ensure that you have the best time for Diwali celebrations in Sydney, you can order online at The Colonial Restaurant's official page. You will get free delivery across Sydney CBD and North Sydney CBD. Alternatively, you can also place your order at Hampr and Yordar.


People like The Colonial Restaurants because their Indian food tastes just like it should. To learn about their Diwali offers and enjoy the festival with our delicious deals, stay connected with us. We are committed to making your festivals even more special.


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