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7 Best Gluten-free Snacks for Kids

The term 'gluten-free' has gained significant attention in recent years. It is a need for some, such as those with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, while a dietary choice for others. If your child has a gluten allergy or intolerance, no one can understand the need for delicious and healthy gluten-free snacks better than you. If you are a parent who is also tired of searching for 'What can kids with gluten allergies eat?' this blog is meant for you.

What are the best gluten-free foods for kids?

The good news is that the present culinary scene offers multiple snack options for gluten-intolerant individuals that are not only safe and healthy but also fulfil their cravings for delicious food. If your children are tired of the usual options like fruit, yogurt, and trail mix, there are exciting gluten-free recipes for kids that they will truly enjoy.

Butter Sauce with Hot Chips

Freshly cooked hot potato chips paired with a delectable butter chicken sauce make a mouthwatering combination. The creaminess of butter chicken sauce when accompanied with hot potato chips creates a mouthwatering experience that is enjoyed by adults equally.

Chicken Tikka Salad

Kids hardly like munching salad. But when it comes to Chicken Tikka Salad, we bet, your picky eater will clean the bowl. Tandoor-cooked chicken tikka served on a bed of seasonal garden salad is visually tempting as well. Chicken, being a protein-rich ingredient, makes your child feel full for longer.

Lamb Cutlets

Get your chops ready! Overnight marinated lamb cutlets that are grilled in tandoor are undoubtedly a delight for the taste buds and stomach. The natural richness of lamb when blended with aromatic Kashmiri spices creates a magical symphony of flavours that leaves you craving for more.

Olive Paneer Tikka

Say ‘Cheese’ with this flavourful Indian cottage cheese that is marinated overnight with Afghani spices and olives. The richness of paneer, the tanginess of olives, and the aromatic spices make this gluten-free food incredibly flavourful.

Garlic Tandoori Prawns

If your child is a seafood lover, Garlic Tandoori Prawns are the perfect choice. These succulent prawns, when grilled in the tandoor and combined with aromatic spices, release a flavour that is hard to resist. Prawns tender from the inside and slightly charred from the outside are truly hard to resist.

Onion Bhaji

Enjoy it as a side dish or a standalone meal, the choice is yours. Deep-fried crispy fritters of onion and shallots have an additive taste, leaving behind an urge to eat even more. The aroma of sweet, caramelized onions combined with flavours of Indian spices makes everyone mouth-watering. Make sure that you don't add rice flour or cornflour to the batter.

Paneer Pakora

Another irresistible gluten-free snack that offers a burst of flavours to gluten intolerants. Deep-fried slices of cottage cheese, coated with authentic special spices and chickpea flour, are so satisfying that they are enjoyed by people with various dietary preferences.


At The Colonial British-Indian Cuisine, we understand your desires and offer you wide options on our menu that include Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Tawa Goat, Seekh Kebab, Butter Sauce with Hot Chips, Tandoori Mushrooms, Curries (Vegan, Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian), Chips, and many more. It's time to incorporate these healthy gluten-free meals into your daily diet that are delicious as well. No more crackers or cookies that are loaded with artificial flavours and preservatives, and explore beyond usual choices of fresh fruits, eggs, or yoghurt. Indulge yourself in these tasty gluten-free foods and let your taste buds enjoy them to their fullest. Your stomach and your senses will thank you for it.


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