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The Good Indian Food Guide. A-List of the Most Popular Indian Dishes, Sydney

In this guide, we will discuss some of the best Indian food available for dine in, home delivery and take away in Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. Discover delectable Indian cuisine and the variations that are derivative based on where they originated from. Learn about the most popular Indian dishes and curries locals love to eat and understand the history behind authentic and infused culinary flavours of India and how they have been redesigned for the western world.

When it comes to finding the perfect Indian food menu; it’s always good to understand the flavours you like most. There’s no point ordering a hot and spicy curry if your preference is something a little less mild. Our taste buds are diverse and choosing the right dish from your local Indian restaurant is important in helping you decide if Indian food and the flavours this cuisine offers is something you will appreciate and makes you want to eat #CurryMoreOften.

The Most Popular Indian Food Entrées and Starters

We’ve search for the best-selling entrees from two of Sydney’s prime Indian restaurants and have come up with the top 3 most popular starters on the menu.

#3 Tandoori Chicken Tikka is at number three on the popularity list however, should not be seen as anything less than delicious and flavoursome. The Tandoori Chicken Tikka features delicate boneless chicken thigh fillets that are marinated in a delicious Indian-style yogurt with spices. It is then cooked in clay oven, also known as a Tandoor, and served with a zesty mint chutney. A great way to start your Indian dining experience.

#2 Vegetable Samosa comes next on the most popular list and makes for the ultimate starter for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. An appetising way to start your dinner; the Vegetable Samosa offers a lightly spiced filling of potatoes and peas which is then wrapped in homemade Indian-style pastry and served with Tamarind sauce. Are you drawling yet?

#1 Pappadam with Mint Chutney is the number one choice for Indian restaurant starters and entrees. Generally treated as a side dish, Pappadams are ultra-light and crispy – if you want to save all your room for your main course, then this is the best way to start your Indian dining experience. Simply break the Pappadams apart, add some Mint Chutney and enjoy!

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Top 5 List of the Most Popular Indian Curry Dishes

Curry mains are ever so popular these days and with a little research we’ve sourced the best curries being served in Sydney. Let’s look at the most popular ones…

#5 Beef Vindaloo is ever so popular amongst foodies. Coming in at number five on the top list of Indian curries, Beef Vindaloo combines potatoes, spices and chillies together to create a spicy, hot and tasty dish. Sitting at the higher end of the spicy-o-meter; Beef Vindaloo is a fiery dish and generally is not for the faint-hearted. Like it hot and spicy?

#4 Chicken Madras is revealed at number four on the top Indian curry list and is abound by traditional Indian flavours and technique. It’s red fire-engine sauce; filled with chilli makes it one the hottest dishes on the menu however well balanced with yoghurt on the side if needed. Chicken Madras sauce features tomatoes, lemon and chili and can be considered as the aficionado’s hot dish. Love a hot curry?

#3 Lamb Korma makes its way to number three on our A-list of curries and is one of the best Indian dishes widely known for its fragrance, rich creamy sauce and mild spice. Lamb Korma combines diced tender lamb pieces cooked with a creamed coconut, ground cashew nuts and fresh cream. There’s no doubt that this Indian curry will fast become a top pick when dining out or ordering in. Want to eat #CurryMoreOften?

#2 Chicken Tikka Masala scores position number two of the most popular Indian curries. And rightfully so! A delicious choice for any curry lover or first-timer. The Chicken Tikka Masala main course brings you boneless thigh fillets marinated in yoghurt and spices that are cooked in a clay oven and served with a side of mint chutney. It’s one of the most popular, most ordered and most consumed Indian curry meals in Sydney! Once a week, twice a week – everyday? #CurryMoreOften

#1 Butter Chicken takes the top spot at number one and is the most popular Indian curry on the menu! We’d love to give this course a drum roll (so just use your imagination or play a video on YouTube)!! Butter Chicken is 100% delicious, and you only need to head online to read some reviews to work out its popularity amongst foodies and restaurant goers. This main course Indian curry boasts chicken fillets in a mildly spiced curry sauce with hints of cashew nuts and creamy potato. A must try curry in Sydney! Once you try Butter Chicken, you’ll be asking for

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Three of the Most Popular Vegetarian Indian Mains

Vegetarians rejoice! You’ve not been forgotten or left off the list at this Indian Restaurant. The Colonial is serving up an array of tasty vegetarian dishes and curries. Here are the top three we’ve found just for you…

#3 Navrattan Korma aka “Vegetable Korma” is being served out to curry hungry vegetarians and features an abundance of vegetables, fruits and nuts in a rich, creamy sauce. It’s flavourful and a fantastic main course that’s available in Sydney’s leading Indian curry house, The Colonial British Indian restaurant in Darlinghurst and Neutral Bay.

#2 Daal Makhani takes a seat at number two of the most popular veggie-based curries and offers nutritional essentials for the human body and soul. Daal Makhani brings whole black lentils, kidney beans, ginger and garlic together to create a blissful healthy curry. Vegetarians will love the combination of flavours this curry conveys and is always a popular choice when dining in or eating out. #CurryMoreOften for Vegetarians!

#1 Saag Paneer upsurges to top-of-list as number one on the best vegetarian Indian curry meter. You know you’re about to eat a delicious and wholesome curry for its green outlook and spinach base. Saag Paneer brings cottage cheese and baby spinach puree together and features mild spices, cream and garnished with fresh tomatoes. Deriving from the Indian subcontinent, this nutritious curry is a winning feast for vegetarians and non-vegetarians seeking out good Indian cuisine.

There’s no doubt that Indian food has become extremely popular amongst the western world. One of the most mouth-watering Indian cuisines existing is British-Indian fusion. These flavours are of the ‘long-forgotten cuisines’ of undivided India’s North-West Frontier Province. The province was named North-West Frontier Province during the Colonial period of undivided India under the British Rule. The delectable cuisine from this area can be best defined as rustic and robust and is now available in Sydney, Australia - being served up by The Colonial British Indian Restaurants.

If you are in Sydney and searching for the best Indian food; don’t pass by The Colonial British Indian restaurant – with two locations in Sydney and the Lower North Shore you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how they have achieved a flavoursome combination eastern spice into western cuisine. Eat Indian food at home by ordering home delivery, or pick up some Indian food when you order take away or enjoy a smart casual setting and book a table to dine in this delicious Indian restaurant.

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