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Everything You Need to Know About Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Best Indian Restaurants Sydney

In this article we’ll look at the origin of Tandoor Chicken Tikka, how it is prepared and where you can find the best Tandoori Chicken Tikka in Sydney, Australia.

A little about Tandoori Chicken Tikka's origin

Tandoori chicken as a dish originated in the Punjab before the independence of partition of India in the late 1940s, tandoori chicken was popularised at Moti Mahal in the locality of Daryaganj in New Delhi by Kundan Lal Jaggi and Kundan Lal Gujral, who were Punjabi Hindus as well as the founders of the Moti Mahal restaurant.

Mokha Singh had founded the restaurant in the Peshawar area of British India, which is now a part of neighbouring Pakistan.

Tandoori chicken was popularized across India by Moti Mahal, Daryaganj in Delhi when it was served to the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. There, tandoori chicken became a standard offering at official banquets.

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Look no further than The Colonial British Indian Cuisine – they’re serving up the best tandoori chicken tikka Australia has to offer!

How to prepare Tandoor Chicken Tikka?

Tandoori chicken is cooked in a traditional tandoor oven.

The raw chicken is marinated in a mixture of yogurt and tandoori masala, a spice blend.

It is seasoned and coloured with cayenne pepper, red chili powder, or Kashmiri red chili powder as well as turmeric. The skin is generally removed before the chicken is marinated and roasted.

The marinated chicken is placed on skewers and cooked at high temperatures in a tandoor oven, which is heated with charcoal or wood, which adds to the smoky flavour. The dish can also be cooked in a standard oven, using a spit or rotisserie, or over hot charcoal.

There is a range of tandoori recipes for whole grilled chicken tikka, some of which are cooked in a tandoor and others over charcoal.

Did you know?

Tandoori Chicken Tikka is one of the best entrée dishes found at Indian restaurants across Sydney? Check out this menu – you’ll love what you taste!

How is Tandoori Chicken Tikka eaten?

Tandoori chicken can be eaten as a starter or appetizer, or as a main course, often served with traditional tandoori-cooked naan and roti breads.

Most Indian restaurants across Sydney offer tandoori chicken tikka with a side of freshly prepared mint chutney, the perfect dipping sauce to balance the spice and heat.

Want to try Tandoori Chicken Tikka in Sydney?

You’ve got to visit The Colonial British Indian Cuisine – they have the best chicken tikka, made fresh and delicious!

Chicken tikka is also used as the base protein of numerous cream-based curries, such as butter chicken. And who doesn’t love a delicious Butter Chicken Indian curry? YUM!

So, the next time you’re looking for a delicious Indian meal that the whole family can enjoy, make sure you try the tandoori chicken tikka served at Sydney’s most popular Indian restaurant group – The Colonial British Indian Cuisine. You’ll find these amazing Indian restaurants on either side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge – Darlinghurst and Neutral Bay.

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The Colonial British Indian Cuisine


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