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Top 5: Where to Order Indian Food Catering Services in Sydney?

When searching for Indian food catering services for your next special event at home or work, there are many things to consider before placing a catering order for your next lunch or dinner party.

Indian food catering in Sydney is more common than you think, especially amongst tech-giant companies and Indian food-lovers alike!

With so many Indian food catering companies available– the real question is; which Indian restaurants in Sydney offer Indian food catering services?

Luckily, The Colonial British Indian Cuisine restaurants located in Sydney offer some of the best Indian food catering services this city has to offer. Keep reading to find out why!

#1 Amazing Indian Food for Everyone to Enjoy!

The Colonial Indian restaurants catering food service offers you and your guests a variety of different Indian dishes and offer a diverse range of dietary requirements including Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free to name a few.

If you’re looking for some of the best Indian food catering near me, then you’re in luck. They have a variety of traditional and exciting Indian curries, Indian biryani rice dishes, entrees and more!

The Colonial is considered as one of the best, and for many people looking for traditional Indian cuisine, they don’t have to look very far.

#2 The Best Indian Restaurant in Sydney

Ordering Indian catering services from The Colonial for corporate events, family celebrations, milestones and special occasions like Diwali, Anniversaries, Engagements couldn’t be easier.

The Colonial British Indian Cuisine restaurants are a multi award-winning Indian restaurant group and offer catering services across most Sydney areas.

According to a TripAdvisor customer review, The Colonial is considered the “Best Indian Restaurant in Sydney” – it’s a must try Indian catering company in Sydney!

Many people who order from The Colonial definitely come back, and if you’d like to bring that delicious dining experience to your next function, whether it be a work gathering, or maybe even just a party, this is a great option, and it is considered the best Indian food catering Sydney has and is a good one if you’re looking for something simple, and affordable

#3 Affordable Indian Food Catering Services in Sydney

Speaking of affordable, this is an Indian food catering service Sydney has which won’t break the bank, especially if you’re buying a variety of different dishes.

Usually, when ordering catering, you must be careful about how much you spend, since you don’t want to break the bank.

They are considered both affordable, and incredibly tasty, and if you’d like to order different catering packages too, they offer it. These packages come with a main dish, and condiments and a side as well.

#4 Indian Catering Packages, Specials & Deals!

Yes, The Colonial British Indian Cuisine catering in Sydney offers customized catering packages and special offers to ensure you get the best value Indian catering services.

From buffet-styled Indian catering to portion controlled and individually labelled Indian catering cups – this company has all your Indian food catering requirements covered.

Plus, you’ll always snap-up a deal or special offer when you order Indian catering from The Colonial British Indian Cuisine restaurants!

#5 Easy Ordering, Excellent Service & Real Value!

Catering is incredibly simple to order with The Colonial! When get in contact with their team, they will run through your Indian catering requirements – they want to understand things like;

  • How many guests will they cater for?

  • Are there any special dietary requirements?

  • What spice level you want across specific dishes?

  • Would you like a buffet style Indian catering or portion controlled?

Once that’s all confirmed the team will prepare an Indian catering quote for you to consider and don’t be surprised at how affordable the pricing is!

What are you waiting for? Order Indian food catering NOW from The Colonial British Indian Cuisine and spice-up your next corporate or private event with delicious Indian food!


The Colonial British Indian Cuisine offers two amazing Indian restaurant locations where they prepare your Indian catering services from.

They cover the Sydney area; with one located in North Sydney and the in Sydney City. Whether you’re buying Indian food catering for a special occasion, an office function, or a private special event; you’ve got some great options with The Colonial.

If you’re looking for high-quality Indian catering company in Sydney, then you will want to check out The Colonial British Indian Cuisine – your guests will be talking about how amazing and delicious it is - and they’ll all be coming back for seconds!!

Contact the team at The Colonial to discuss your next event and catering requirements today.


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