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The British Indian Cuisine & Why it is Trending in Australia

The Indian influence on British Culture has given them many gems, food being one of them. Today, a fusion of British and Indian cuisine, with a blend of spices from India and the vision of British cooks and chefs, has given rise to a whole new cuisine - British-Indian cuisine. It is taking the world by storm and is spreading like wildfire. As this unique taste settles on people's tongues worldwide, let us discuss how Australia became fond of Indian cuisine.

But first, let’s talk about this combo - British-Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine has so much influence on Britain that its national dish comes to be the mighty "Chicken Tikka Masala." But it is not bound to just this one dish only. Slowly and steadily, the world is coming closer to experiencing how the Indian delicacies - The ones found in every nook and corner of the country taste. And believe me, it is nothing but magnificent.

As we move further with time, many unexplored sides of British-Indian cuisine are being presented to the general public, and they love it all. For starters, people worldwide are starting to realize that "Dosa" is not the national breakfast of India. It is mostly consumed as a typical breakfast in southern parts of India. In the North, food items like Chhole-Bhature and Aloo-Poori are consumed as breakfast.

Seeing the Aussies loving and accepting this British-Indian fusion feels very good. From the fiery Vindaloos to the sweet and calm Carrot Halwa or Gaajar ka Halwa, our Australian friends love the taste of both. And with so many new and emerging restaurants all around Australia, new fusions and recipes are making their way worldwide. The people are also excited to try something new that they haven’t experienced yet. Who would’ve thought that Goat meat paired with Spinach and some spices would give birth to the amazing “Hara Goat” (meaning Green Goat)? This one dish is slowly becoming more popular amongst the masses, and honestly, it has the potential to escalate to greater heights, given its taste.

There are also a lot of food choices for vegans out there. Yes! British-Indian cuisine is so flexible that it has a whole vegan menu! ‘Paneer” is a dairy product, but these creative restaurant owners and chefs have made a way to serve you paneer without the paneer. Confused? Well, the paneer resembles Tofu and can be replaced by it. So all you have to do is prepare the masala or the curry as it was meant to be, but add Tofu instead of Paneer. Some dishes that came into existence after this clever thought are the Vegan Palak Paneer (Paneer in a Spinach Gravy, but the Paneer is replaced with Tofu), Vegan Paneer Butter Masala, and the vegan Paneer Lababdar (meaning Lip-Smacking Paneer, but vegan).

We Indians love to take pride in our regional food and always have a friendly war over which region has the most wholesome food. But some of the most famous Indian dishes worldwide are British-Indian! For example - The hot and spicy vindaloos that are originally from Goa and can be found in Indian restaurants around the world. Most pork and beef-based Indian dishes also come from British-Indian inventors, as beef and pork consumption is prohibited in almost all parts of India.

As for bread, India has as many breads as curries. We love to stuff anything and everything in our bread, especially Naans and Kulchas. The bread itself is a full-course meal for most people out there. I, being an Indian, can't eat more than 2 Paneer Kulchas! In northern India, stuffed paranthas are a big thing. It is one of the favorites when it comes to Breakfast and Lunch, and we take it very seriously. The most common (and delicious) stuffings are Paneer, Aloo (Potato), Gobhi (Cauliflower), Pyaaz (Onions), and Mooli (Raddish).

Back in the days during British Raj (British Rule), before India’s independence in 1947, the term ‘curry’ was popularized as anything saucy and spicy. This is how it was popularized and spread throughout the world. Kedgeree, mulligatawny soup, and the mighty curry are some popular dishes popularized in this era of British rule.

As Australia witnesses the rise of British-Indian Restaurants, it'll also catch a blend of hot, sweet, and spicy emotions. One such restaurant that serves authentic British-Indian cuisine is The Colonial British-Indian Cuisine. With restaurants in Sydney’s prime locations such as Darlinghurst, Balmain, and Neutral bay, they serve food that feels like it has flown from India itself! With a vast menu serving you tikkas, vindaloos, curries, and breads, you will surely get the perfect dinner followed by one of the best sweets you’ve ever had!


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