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The 6 Best Restaurants in Sydney Right Now

The only thing that makes an evening worth remembering at any place is the dining experience. The "Harbour city" Sydney takes its restaurants very seriously and ensures that every street has a restaurant that is better than the other. Even after all this, there are some gems that this city loves from the core of its heart. These restaurants stand as the perfect example of what a restaurant should be like, not just in Sydney but worldwide.

Here are ten restaurants that stand as the epitome of exquisite food in Sydney -

1. The Colonial Restaurant - British-Indian cuisine

The Colonial Restaurant- British Indian Cuisine- Sydney
The Colonial Restaurant- British Indian Cuisine- Sydney

Standing tall in the first place is The Colonial - A restaurant that serves authentic Indian cuisine with a British mix. Listening to this description makes everyone wonder about their spice palette and the food they offer. But let me tell you one thing: no one is competing with the Colonial when it comes to serving the best Biryanis and curries. They have a vast menu doing everything you'll find on a big fat Indian Menu.

With a Vegan-friendly menu and many options for vegetarians, they have something to satisfy everyone's taste buds. Honored with TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice in 2020, this restaurant ensures to follow all the safety measures while providing you with the best Indian food in Sydney. They work on a food-sustainable approach that ensures no food is wasted in their kitchen and every last bit and piece is put to use. The always smiling and friendly staff here are just like the cherry on top. This is why many Bollywood stars and famous sports personalities visit The Colonial now and then.

The Colonial Restaurant is present across 3 locations in Sydney - Darlinghurst, Neutral Bay, and Balmain. If you're in a hurry, you can always opt for a takeaway or can get the authentic Indian flavour delivered at home as well. It also has special packages for large groups and can arrange lip-smacking food for special occasions and parties. The Colonial tops the list of places with the best food complemented by a fine-dining experience!

You may book your reservation and have a great time.

2. Quay Restaurant -

Quay Restaurant Sydney- The Colonial Restaurant
Quay Restaurant Sydney

The Quay Restaurant, sitting on some of the best harbor views of Sydney, provides its customers with unique dishes made out of local ingredients, some of them coming from its backyard! Peter Gilmore, the executive chef, believes in the beauty of Australian cuisine and works very closely with the local ingredients to produce wonders. He also gets all his ceramics from the local ceramicists because no brand can match the fine quality of a skilled hand.

3. Métisse Potts Point -

 Métisse Potts Point - The Colonial Restaurant
Métisse Potts Point

The Métisse Potts Point, famous for its premium-level degustations, is one of the best places for people who want to taste something new now and then. Started in mid-2019 by chef Opel Khan and his daughter Lucinda, who is also the sous chef, they aim to provide everyone with a palette that wastes no ingredients and everything complements the others to get the perfect taste possible. Their star dish, the "texture of tomato," takes three days to prepare and is made of every single part of the tomato. Opel, hailing from Bangladesh, practices sustainable cooking to ensure that every ingredient he uses is put to good use without compromising the taste of the dishes.

4. Tetsuya's Restaurant -

Tetsuya's Restaurant - The Colonial Restaurant
Tetsuya's Restaurant

Tetsuya Takada opened the doors of this food paradise back in 1989. This restaurant serves the best Japanese cuisine in all of Sydney. Mixing the menu with French cuisine, Tetsuya's is a perfect place to spend your weekend full of new and exciting food.

5. Restaurant Hubert -

Restaurant Hubert - The Colonial Restaurant
Restaurant Hubert

If you're still thinking about how people enjoyed fine dining a hundred years ago, you should visit Restaurant Hubert. With a beautifully designed and wood-furnished restaurant settled in a basement, it is one of the most classy restaurants in Sydney. With their classic cheese soufflé and beef tartare, you can enjoy an evening with musical jazz from Monday to Thursday here at Restaurant Hubert.

6. Firedoor -

Firedoor - The Colonial Restaurant
Firedoor Sydney

Things are about to get smoky in here. The Firedoor, as the name suggests, is in love with the concept of using natural fire to get that charred and smoky taste. That is why their kitchen operates without gas and electricity. With three grills, a hearth, and two wood-fired ovens, dining in the Firedoor Will will make you feel like you're roaming in the clouds!

These are some of the best restaurants present in Sydney. Although many more restaurants are slowly climbing up this list, these are the go-to restaurants for having a great and fun weekend across Sydney.


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