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How to find the best Indian food catering service provider in Sydney?

Looking for the best Indian food caterer near you? Finding the right caterer in NSW that can serve you the most popular and delicious Indian food is no less than a Herculean task. When it comes to organizing a special occasion in Sydney, the food that your guests enjoy plays a crucial role in making your event a success. Whether it's an Indian wedding reception, a Diwali/Christmas party, a corporate event, a birthday party, an anniversary, or any other special gathering, serving delicious Indian food can make your moments memorable.

Best Party Food Caterer Near Your Location

Although all international cuisines are admired in Sydney, the place that Indian food has reserved in the hearts of food lovers is unbeatable. You will find an array of dishes served at some of the best Indian restaurants in Sydney. But when it comes to finding the right big or small party catering service provider, only a handful of them succeed in serving you a satisfactory experience. Look at this guide to help you understand the process of finding the perfect Indian food catering service in Sydney.

Type & Size of Event

First and foremost, you need to consider the type and size of the event that you are organizing. Is it a grand party or a small event for which you are looking for the best party food platters? What kind of food do you want to serve - Mexican, sandwich trays, finger food, halal, Greek, Asian, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, soul food, or seafood? Do you want a wedding buffet-style catering or a formal sit-down dinner? Getting answers to these questions will help you find the perfect party food caterer.

Although the final choice is yours, most people prefer Indian cuisine due to its astonishing flavour profile, rich aromas, and creamy texture. And when it comes to serving the best Indian food in Sydney, who does it better than your favourite, The Colonial British-Indian Cuisine?

Search & Research

Ask for recommendations from your neighbours, friends, and family. Inquire about the experiences they had with that caterer. Based on these recommendations, conduct thorough online research and gather information about their services, menus, and customer feedback through their websites, reviews, and social media profiles.


You can't afford to neglect your budget when selecting an Indian food catering service. Be clear about your budget constraints and discuss them with the caterer to create a menu that meets your financial expectations without compromising on quality.

Menu Variety

If you are looking for a great Indian food catering service, ensure that the caterer offers you a diverse menu to cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer vegan, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, gluten-free, or a mix of all, Indian cuisine accommodates all dietary preferences, and a good caterer in Sydney will help you customise your menu accordingly.

Taste Testing

Inquire with your catering service provider about taste-testing sessions. This allows you to experience the actual taste they offer and assess the likely satisfaction level for your guests. Don't forget to sample the food prepared for guests with special dietary requirements or allergies.

Professional and Reliable

Consider that the caterer you are finalising is professional, punctual, reliable and responsive enough to ensure that your event turns out to be great. You can also ask for a clear contract outlining all terms and conditions.


Finding the best corporate catering service provider in Sydney may take some time and research, but the effort is well worth it. We, at The Colonial British Indian Restaurant, are committed to making your life tastier and healthier.

We offer individual catering cups for your office team or guests that come in a catering box (Vegetarian Entrée Box, Non-Vegetarian Entrée Box & Customised Entrée Box). Each box comes with 20 hand-crafted individual entrée cup serves for you and your team to enjoy at work or in the office. Visit us at our corporate catering page and ensure that your event is glorified with delicious and authentic Indian cuisine that will leave your guests raving about the food for years to come.


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