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5 Best Indian Dishes to Spice Up Your Family Night Meals!

Are you looking for some new ways to spice up your family night meals? You’re not alone. Many families feel like their typical routine gets old fast. Instead of letting the same old family dinner happen again and again, try spicing things up with a few Indian dishes that are sure to be a hit.

Admittedly, many people have misconceptions about Indian food. The truth is that Indian cuisine has as much variety as any other culture’s foods. There are plenty of different regional dishes that can appeal to people of all ages and palettes. Keep reading for more information on how you can bring a little Indian flavour into your home tonight!

The 5 Best Dishes that you should prepare to spice up your family nights -

1. Butter Chicken -

Butter Chicken- The Colonial Restaurant

Butter Chicken is more than just a dish, it is a world-famous delicacy hailing from the streets of Delhi, India. Although it was discovered recently, it has taken the world by storm due to its tangy and delicious taste.

It is the star dish of most of the restaurants in North India, and this fact alone makes it one of the best dishes to try out for your Indian family dinner.

2. Dal Makhani -

Dal Makani- The Colonial Restaurant

Dal Makhani's literal conversion is "Buttery Lentils", and it stands 100% on its name. Made out of Black and Yellow lentils covered in loads of butter, this one is a darling of the vegetarian population of India. Also, remember that Dal Makhani is not just butter and lentils served together, it is a blend of different herbs and spices put together to craft perfection.

If you're looking for some solid vegetarian dishes at the dinner table, then Dal Makhani is the perfect choice!

3. Railway Goat Curry -

Railway Goat Curry- The Colonial Restaurant

From the vastly spread railways of India, we bring you a culinary experience worth remembering. Succulent and tender goat prepared with a spicy and zesty curry made up of the perfect spices, it is the real deal for a dinner worth remembering. Goat, although not as famous as chicken, is a beloved item on the menu in Indian restaurants. The Goat Curry is a difficult dish to prepare as it needs patience and a skilled hand to get the right amount of spices. But the expert was also once a beginner, so you should start right away with the tender goat and be ready for a delicious meal at the dinner table.

4. Chicken Tikka Masala -

Chicken Tikka masala- The Colonial Restaurant

A classic menu item from the streets of North India, the Chicken Tikka Masala is on the favourites list of many people around the world. Marinated chicken (a blend of curd, ginger-garlic paste, different spices, and many herbs) is roasted to perfection and is served in a tangy yet masala-rich gravy. Chicken Tikka Masala is also found on most of the menus in India and is also a fan favourite.

If you want to spice up your dinner nights and want to shine at the dinner table, then you should always go for the Chicken Tikka Masala.

5. Royal Chicken Dal -

Royal Chicken Dal- The Colonial Restaurant

What happens when you mix a staple vegetarian dish with chicken prepared in a rich gravy? Royal Chicken Dal is born! Chicken and Lentils are not usually seen together in the Indian food platter, but there's always room for innovation! With a blend of onions, tomatoes, spices, lentils, and chicken, it is the whole meal in itself that you can keep on the dinner table.

Since most of the Indians do not prefer chicken with dal, there are very few people who have cooled it to perfection. But the internet is full of dishes and you can always hunt for the perfect video to make the best Royal Chicken Dal for your Indian Dinner Nights.

These were some of the best dishes that you can prepare for a tantalising Indian dinner night. Although these dishes take a lot of effort to be cooked to perfection, you can always take some expert help. If you're living in Sydney and want the best Indian food on your dinner table, then you can always trust The Colonial Restaurant. The Colonial is one of the best restaurants in Sydney and serves delicious Indian dishes to everyone. Coincidentally, the dishes mentioned above are also some of the best dishes served at The Colonial. If this is not a sign of the universe to order food from The Colonial, then we do not know what else is!

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