Copper Water Bottle with Two Copper Tumbler Drinking Cups Set. Made from pure copper and hand-crafted, this set is the ultimate way to keep a healthy outlook when it comes to the benefits of drinking copper purified water.


Why we like this product:

  • It’s made from pure copper
  • Hand-crafted and unique
  • Includes Water Bottle and 2 Cups
  • Perfect for drinking water at home
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Copper helps purify the water from taps and filters
  • Easy to clean and maintain


What you get:

  • The set consists of one copper water bottle and two copper tumblers


Storing water in copper utensils is a harmless and natural way to treat a variety of health problems. The most common health problems arise due to impure water as it may create an imbalance in the digestive system leading to stomach ailments.


It is very simple to purify water using copper vessels. Copper water is a natural detoxifying agent and improves digestion and cleanses the body of toxins. Just store the water in a copper vessel overnight and consume it the next day.


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Copper Water Bottle with Two Copper Tumbler Drinking Cups Set